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to the center of the country. it's set to hit rome and city officials are on alert. the u-s is set to be the top oil producer by 20-20 a new forecast by the international energy agency says the united states will overtake saudi arabia to become the number one producer of oil. the u-s increased crude oil production by 14 percent from 2008 to 2011. the u-s currently imports twenty percent of its energy needs. the report also says the u-s will be completely energy independant in 10 years. judy garland's iconic blue and white dress from the 19-39 classic film the wizard of oz, has sold for 480-thousand dollars at auction. in beverly hills. the dress was the highest priced item during the two-day auction. also sold a steve mcqueen racing jacket for 50 thousand dollars, julie andrews' sound of music dress sold for 38- thousand. a piece of prince william and kate middleton's wedding cake went for 75-hundred dollars. just ahead when the new blackberry is set to be released. and, still to come this midday: if you're torn about when to fly home for the holidays. we'll tell you if thanksgiving or christm
on the deadly attack on the u-s consulate in benghazi, libya. the assault killed u-s ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. lawmakers will question acting c-i-a director michael morell, national intelligence director james clapper, and a few other officials today. legislators are looking into: why intelligence leaders didn't anticipate or repel theand the obama administration's public response. >> what is clear is that this administration including the president himself had intentionally misinformed, in fact lied to the american people in the aftermath of this tragedy. some republicans are criticizing u.n. ambassador susan rice. after the attack, she said intelligence pointed to a spontaneous attack... not a pre- planned one. president obama said the g-o-p should go after him instead former cia director david petraeus denied that his scheduled testimony over the september attack in benghazi, libya, had anything to do with his resignation, he told hln's kyra phillips. petraeus said that he never shared classified information with paula having an affair with. defense secretary l
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resignation. he testified about the deadly attack on a u-s consulate in benghazi, libya in september. he was the director of the spy agency at the time. u-s ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the assault. petraeus testifed the c-i-a told the obama administration an al-qaeda linked group was behind the attack. but, he claimed the white house changed this assessment. he added he knew an anti- islamic video didn't spark the assault... contradicting president obama and other white house officials. >> the ambassador's statement represented the best possible and for mission without jeopardize in classified information. ... the cia eventually approved the white house's decision to remove "al-qaeda" from the assessment, but didn't give a reason why. a lawmaker did ask petraeus if his affair had any impact on his testimony, and he said "no." the cia launches an investigation into petraeus. as we mentioned, petraeus suddenly resigned from the post last week... because he had an extramarital affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. the c-i-a says the purpose of i
bernard "bernie" fine, who was accused of sexually abusing children, u.s. attorney richard s. hartunian announced friday. the careers of seven navy seals are all but over after the defense department punishes them for helping create a popular video game. "medal of honor: warfighter" is touted for its realism. the seven navy seals worked as consultants and were paid by the gaming company. all were members of the elite navy seal team 6 and one took part in the raid that killed osama bin laden. a defense official says the men disclosed classified information. each man got a letter of reprimand, and were docked two month's pay. it's likely they forfeited future promotions. >> it has been the 11 days since hurricane sandy hit. it is eerily quiet. except for the sound of generators that are still pumping water out of these buildings down here. phone lines were damaged after being submerged in water. as of wednesday almost a third of the office space in lower manhattan was out of operation. they have a discount that they are probably not happy to offer. 86 percent off of the stock price. the s
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delaware. biden represented delaware as a u-s senator for 36 years before becoming president obama's running mate. as he was leaving the voting booth, biden was asked whether it was the last time he'd cast a ballot for himself. he smiled and answered, no, i don't think so. increasing speculation over a possible presidential bid of his own four years from now. before heading to cleveland to join romney. vice presidential nominee paul ryan, along with his wife and children, cast his ballot this morning in janesville, wisconsin. ryan has another campaign event this afternoon in richmond, virginia. besides the presidency, control of congress is at state in the election. at present there are 242- republicans 193-democrats. democrats would need a net pickup of 25-seats across the country to regain control. several of the key races are in illinois. in the u-s senate-- 33 seats are up for election. the democrats currently hold a 53 to 47 voting majority. seven races are considered toss ups, including seats in wisconsin and indiana. control of the illinois house is also at stake. democrats
in in january 8th record of 20 women will be u.s. senators. talking about what may be on the agenda for the next four years. i guess the question is not do you believe him but can it work? >> i believe he wants to make a deal he is a deal maker from swayback if my body were here he would say well john gaynor was talking the same way earlier this year before the grand bargain fell apart and that would be true. he is right. that is still the same challenge they got a head and i think that obama has thebeen reelected we don't want the same four years of gridlock. what do you see in his future? >> i'm thinking about second term will be known by richard nixon and george w. bush they all had either scandals or real setbacks he came into office so right now he really has a challenge ahead to be more like an lbj or a clinton who can make things happen not just introduce bills but twist arms. some days he has not had it in him enough. we have said that a lot about him and it's true. in the very first debate everyone was saying he did so poorly next to romney because obama by nature is not a confrontati
110 people were killed in the u.s. at least 67 people were killed in the caribbean two reported dead in canada. property damage is not yet estimated but insurance companies say they have the means to honor the claims that will be filed. the white house said more than $137 million dollars in direct assistance has already been approved for those in need. some east coast residents are still digging themselves and their neighbors out of floods and destroyed homes. the numbers vary but reports say anywhere from one million to more than two million homes and businesses are still without power. in new jersey alot of confusion and frustration as residents deal with rationing auto fuel. in new york, power outages have shut down some election booths and officials may ask for an extra day of voting to make sure everyone who wants to cast a ballot in tomorrow's presidential election gets that opportunity. yesterday's new york city marathon was cancelled and many runners headed to staten island and other flood areas to help with clean up efforts. a young boy was killed after he fell into an exhib
is held a meeting with 20 + constituents about the former property. tonight the u.s. 42 road expansion. the room was filled in as the only topic on the table was construction of what she refused to say more about any plea deal are possible indictment and her family she did say this about the congressman's house his condition is status quo tonight. we are hoping that he does better so i want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for keeping him and in their prayers and for returning him to office. with pressure mounting on this power couple the big question tonight is will she be attending tomorrow's big budget meeting again at city hall? the trains just stopped how to get home when it is miles away, they're finally running again but service is limited because only one sets of rails are developing. folks are finally starting to make their way home after service was resumed at least on one track of the south shore line that had all the way out to south bend indiana that started up about an hour and a half ago passengers are still being told to expect delays of up to one hour as crew
. and while they partnered with the u.s. postal service to feverishly fill 600 care packages for soldiers still serving overseas. it is a taste of home and it reminds them that people love them here in our thinking about them and that's what it's all about letting them know that they are cared about. and on this veterans day preserving the memories of the american service members. how war stories and our veterans voices are being honored and their memories saved. add emanuel to the growing list of politicians calling on congress and jesse jackson jr. to address future plans. i think that congressman jackson it is incumbent upon him to have a conversation with his constituents about his intentions. outside of one of the recorded phone messages jackson has not been heard from he has been under treatment for depression and bipolar to disorder. it was revealed that he was under investigation for possibly miss using campaign funds to furnish his home in d.c. congressman danny davis spoke out about the investigation today into senator dick durbin. and senator dick durbin. >> it looks like there
-i-a director david petraeus. general john allen, the top u-s commander in afghanistan, is now also under investigation for exchanging thousands of emails with jill kelley, a woman linked to the petraeus affair. kelley is said to have sparked the investigation into the relationship between petraeus and his biographer, paula broadwell when she told the f-b- i she was getting threatening emails from broadwell. kelly is a petraeus family friend. f-b-i agents meanwhile raided the home of the woman named in an extra-marital affair with former c-i-a director david petraeus. agents carried out two computers and ten boxes from paula broadwell's north carolina home last night. the f-b-i had been investigating claims that broadwell sent harassing e-mails to jill kelly, and in doing so uncovered emails between broadwell and petraeus indicating their affair and leading to petraeus' resignation last week. former new jersey governor jim mcgreevey, no stranger to shocking sex scandals, tells cnn he is not surprised by the scope of this high profile military embarassment. when you look at the generals,
for an immediate withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan... so american military men and women can begin the process of healing. >> the veterans and spoke about their experiences in war and their continuing struggle to heal from the psychological scars of battle >> also on this veterans day the national veterans art museum held a grand opening at it's new location. the exhibition is called welcome home featuring the arch of two veterans \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \t of 2 veterans. it is part of a series of shows and performances exploiting the trauma of war. the museum is open to the public from today through memorial day >> still to come, a murder that horrified a west suburban community one year ago is now the inspiration for an act of charity. also, a pair of iconic chicago buildings prepare to celebrate a milestone. and later, he went from a law clerk for abraham lincoln, to one of our country's most famous fighters. the nearly-forgotten story of an american hero. break ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet but they're gonna fall in love
guilty to marta fraud charges the u.s. attorney charged her with siphoning more than $53 million she will change her plea to guilty at the federal courthouse in rockford prosecutors say that he sold them millions over two decades to pay for her lavish lifestyle in a national horse operation one involving luxury motor home which he bought was auctioned earlier this year for millions. next come the people were affected and what the city's board of elections is doing now. and the man who replaced the former cia director in afghanistan now in snared in his own scandal. good news, we're going to warm up as the week goes on but it will be very very gradual. the chicago board of elections confirming this sensitive personal information of what they're saying 2000 registered voters expose on its web site however a computer security firm claims that more than 1 million and a half voters were exposed on the election website. that computer security firm is saying that 1.7 million registered voters information was exposed on the chicago board of elections website however the board of elections i
other victims attended thursday's sentencing including ron barbara was set to succeed her in the u.s. house. >> there is absolutely no way to make sense of those acts. >> giffords retired in january 2012 to focus on her recovery. >> the people of colorado and washington state voted to legalize marijuana but that doesn't mean the federal government is listening, they're the first two states to approve it like alcohol but the fed said that marijuana is still a crime. tuesday's vote made pocked legal aid has the potential to turn into big business and a big showdown between the states and the feds. every store that sells marijuana here is violating federal law. they can send people to jail for scores of years they have chosen so far not to do that. that caller brought amendment allows licensed production into anyone over 21 to possess over 1 oz of pot. the newly reelected president has the nickname odrama obama he got pretty emotional thinking campaign workers. >> i'm really proud of that, i am really proud of you. >> applause. >> president barack obama got choked up he said he ho
at the ceremony u.s. marine tommy johnson the son of fallen chicago fire captain herb johnson who was laid to rest thursday after being killed fighting a fire last week. some here pointing out that a life of service is passed down through the generations. >> it's really a special day. veterans day is unique. and it's something where everybody in this country ought to take some time to think about those who served. >> sean lewis, wgn news. >> and there are more questions than answers tonight about the resignation of general david petraeus as head of the c.i.a. citing an extramarital affair for reason for quitting, petraeus handed in his resignation to president obama on thursday. petraeus' affair reportedly with his biographer came to light after possible hacking of the general's personal email account. that investigation reportedly started after broadwell sent threatening emails to another woman. former c.i.a. director general michael hayden says the resignation is sad but the c.i.a. is in good hands. >> it's a tragedy it's
broadwell's e-mails had previously sent photos of himself, shirtless, to kelley. that's according to a u-s official.who says that agent was never part of the case. jill kelley tried to claim some sort of government privilege when she called 9-1-1 sunday to complain about reporters outside her home in tampa. >> this should not be able to stay on my property. in reality, kelley is just a volunteer. she is not a government employee, and is not entitled to diplomatic protection. general >> william ward improperly spent thousands of dollars on lavish travel and other expenses. he is being promoted over the findings. he will retire as a three-star general. he will also have to repay the government $82,000. president obama will meet with several business leaders today, and push for his plan to save the economy from the so-called fiscal cliff. this worst-case scenario means tax hikes and spending cuts totaling trillions of dollars... would automatically jump into effect at the beginning of next year. if the president and congress can't reach a deal on the debt. the white house and lawmakers crea
back to the u.s. and the marquette game played on the aircraft carrier they try to mop up the conversation but they just couldn't do it. the aircraft carrier, bad weather good thing they didn't play. good school, a good education it's a forfeit. >> thank you rich, that's the news for this friday night. ♪ ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ ♪ it goes something like this ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out. [ female announcer ] so how long have you been living flake-free with head & shoulders? since before jeans were this skinny... since us three got a haircut. since my first twenty-ninth birthday. [ female announcer ] head & shoulders. live flake free. so, what happens if i'm in an accident and need to get my car fixed? progressive makes it easy, because we give you choices. you can pick where to get your car fixed we can cut you a check or, at our service center, we take care of everything for you. [ relaxi
sold more than 300 million copies in the u.s. alone. many of his original readers are now in their 20s and thirties. so he's written a new book geared toward them "red rain." >>now you are thinking you do not want to let your readers grow in peace. >>i like to scare every generation. some of my readers are now in mytheir 20s-30s. those readers were instrumental in this. >>we do not have to talk about that. >>they were not ready. that was 15 years ago. no one asked for a second one. i have been waiting by the phone. >>red rain is better than that. i think it is a pretty creepy book. it is about evil twins. >>people used to believe twins controlled the weather. there were some who separated them at birth because they are bad luck. >>i am scared of twins and i am a twin. >>my son is a twin. i thought evil twins would be a good subject. >>i am interested in how you change your style. you are writing for an adult audience. was it challenging? >>it was a challenge. somehow i thought i needed a challenge. i do not know why. it is much harder. it was very interesting. i had to do a lo
to washington lawmakers spend thursday pressing for answers on how u.s. ambassador in three other americans were killed during the september 11th the tax in bed gauzy capitol hill became home to multiple hearings on the tense investigation including funding for security at the consulate. i listened to my colleagues to talk about president barack obama and others in the administration using terms of deliberate lies but you want to know who is responsible in this path by yourself a mirror. david petra resignedeus last week admitted to an extramarital affair, more recently the resignation has opened up even more questions such as what is contained in the reports he prepared following his visit to ben gazhi, and susan rice and her role she is a possible replacement for secretary of state hilary clinton who could be leaving that post early next year. now president obama has been called the name of the person who has the actual vehicle used to misinform the american people during this crisis. he will also testify next month before the house foreign affairs committee about the attack in libya. the cia
had opsaspirations of being a u.s. senator but his political on raveling has been well documented in the media he is under investigation by the house ethics to mitty under investigation, federal investigation for alleged misuse of campaign funds constituents had not heard from him besides a roll-call that ast in that rubble called the * constituents for patients and they granted him that, he gets another term in the second congressional district but still many questions remain tonight when will he return to work? for now we are reporting from madison i will send it back to you in the studio. is it unfair? of reporters to ask the question to raise the issue that beyond his medical concerns perhaps he is hiding behind the medical concerns because of some the things that gaynor hall talked about things we have all reported on. the other's a federal investigation and many of us heard about it before we heard about his illness. you are not capable of standing before the public? right? then he should have dropped out, this is a joke. there is no conspiracy mark, this is raw politics you
this area covered by snow has been decreasing dramatically. we're down to 17 percent of the u.s. under snow. we had about one-third of the country covered with snow earlier in the week. so we're pushing the arctic air back up into canada. none of the twenties or teens or sub zero readings that were up in canada today, we're told that the yukon river has frozen over for the first time this season as winter takes hold up there. and the cold air denoted in the blue and white is gone for the rest of this week, here is the forecast on monday. that's pretty nice. in the meantime here is the trouble scenario on the east coast. look how open we are in this three day rain forecast. heavy snow in the mountains we are talking about five-6 ft. of snow in british columbia and canada and the pacific northwest. you will be scraping frost out if your car is outside i suspect in many locations tomorrow morning mostly sunny tomorrow, mild and pc. fair hazy and chile tomorrow night and of winds that there probably will not be fog. partly sunny casey and mild sunday with a high of 56 with south wins at 4- 13
sports facilities authority has elected kelly craft ceo of the board. it owns and operates u.s. cellular field. ferguson was mayor emanuel chilis. 's choice. digital billboards up to 100 feet tall could start popping up all over chicago neighborhoods. mayor emanuel has introduced a plan that would allow outdoor advertising companies to build digital billboards on city land. if they agree to tear down at least five of their conventional billboards. emanuel says the older billboards clutter the landscape and don't bring in enough revenue. no limit has been put on the number of digital billboards that could go up but they would need to be approved by aldermen as part of the city council zoning process. coming up next. prosecutors in pennsylvania charge penn state's former president with perjury and obstruction of justice in connection with the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. also ahead, the presidential campaigns are back in full swing after taking a break when hurricane sandy i was once used for small jobs. and i took on all the bigger tougher ones. but with mr. clean's new selec
u.s. cellular field she has been called on qualified because she filed for bankruptcy three years ago but kraft says that was a personal matter that doesn't reflect on her ability as a ceo, >> i absolutely do think she is qualified i think we resolved that issue yesterday the board voted for their executive director now we move on i look forward to working with mayor emanuel on all kinds of important issues. >> she starts her new job next week. >> he was kicked out of the illinois house now he is trying to get his job back tuesday derrick smith talked with wgn about new charges against him. >> ohio, ohio. the latest unemployment numbers released just days before the election. what do you think of the numbers? let's talk about them. that was me... the day i learned i had to start insulin for my type 2 diabetes. me... thinking my only option was the vial and syringe dad used. and me... discovering once-daily levemir® flexpen®. flexpen® is prefilled. doesn't need refrigeration for up to 42 days. no drawing from a vial. dial the exact dose. inject by pushing a button. flexpen®
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24